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Monday, May 28, 2007

You can make money without doing evil.

Google is a business. The revenue the company generates is derived from offering its search technology to companies and from the sale of advertising displayed on Google and on other sites across the web. However, you may have never seen an ad on Google. That's because Google does not allow ads to be displayed on our results pages unless they're relevant to the results page on which they're shown. So, only certain searches produce sponsored links above or to the right of the results. Google firmly believes that ads can provide useful information if, and only if, they are relevant to what you wish to find.

Google has also proven that advertising can be effective without being flashy. Google does not accept pop-up advertising, which interferes with your ability to see the content you've requested. We've found that text ads (AdWords) that are relevant to the person reading them draw much higher clickthrough rates than ads appearing randomly. Google's maximization group works with advertisers to improve clickthrough rates over the life of a campaign, because high clickthrough rates are an indication that ads are relevant to a user's interests. Any advertiser, no matter how small or how large, can take advantage of this highly targeted medium, whether through our self-service advertising program that puts ads online within minutes, or with the assistance of a Google advertising representative.


Larry Page,Google's founding CEO. He grew the company to more than 200 employees.Currently serving as President Products, Larry continues to share responsibility for Google's day-to-day operations with Eric Schmidt-Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer -and Sergey Brin.

Sergey Brin
Co-Founder & President, Technology

Advertising on Google is always clearly identified as a "Sponsored Link." It is a core value for Google that there be no compromising of the integrity of our results. We never manipulate rankings to put our partners higher in our search results. No one can buy better PageRank. Our users trust Google's objectivity and no short-term gain could ever justify breaching that trust.

Thousands of advertisers use our Google AdWords program to promote their products; we believe AdWords is the largest program of its kind. In addition, thousands of web site managers take advantage of our Google AdSense program to deliver ads relevant to the content on their sites, improving their ability to generate revenue and enhancing the experience for their users.

As for me I certainly believe in that thinking.What about you?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Do you Know that Somalia has some very fascinating experiences that should dominate the news other than the war and mayhem that are synonymous to that country since she lost her government in 1991.What do i mean, well, it is no news that Somalia has not got a functioning government since the overthrown of the late military junta Maj. Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre.
Ever since,that country has been shared in the hands of various tribal / clan heads and war lords,or , if you like militia leaders.
The most interesting story is that you have still got people living in that country, transacting businesses and exchanging values.

Nonetheless, the country has had more than its fair share of war casualty.
However, it is interesting to know that the country has one of the cheapest and best mobile phone services in Africa.

I heard an international business man say the cost of running business in Somalia is far cheaper than what gets out of his purse else where.All you need to do, as he puts it is be ready do pay the tribal militias who would watch over your installations.

The people trying to put that country together

President: Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime minister: Ali Mohamed Ghedi

In as much as I am not exoneration Statelessness, lawlessness or anarchism, do we say the existence of governments in other parts of Africa has created more bottlenecks which hinders businesses from flourishing as they ought to(at least, to create the much needed jobs and enhance human development)? Well, the answer is not for me to provide.

Finally inasmuch as we have a number of shameless things ruining Africa-Civil wars, Corruption,Bad governance,etc, It would not be a bad idea if we African celebrate our successes.

I am not disputing the fact that the Continent is en-gulped in a number of most unfortunate incidents, some i mentioned above, however , I think Africa deserves an international Media that would celebrate her successes, progress and joy.After all come research came out sometimes ago that the most happiest children are from Africa as opposed to their counterparts in the western world.

My last world is that i look forward to seeing an African Media like ALjazera that would talk of Africa in the real African perspective.