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Friday, November 17, 2006

Last Saturday 11th November, 180 degrees (www.my180degrees.com), an organization created to help people achieve self development and empowerment had a seminar at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State South West Nigeria.

The seminar addressed a number of issues, Key among them was entrepreneurship.

Prof. Pat Utomi gave a lecture at the seminar. He restated an idea almost synonymous with the ‘brand’ Pat Utomi. His thinking is that only wealth creation, ofcause through the creation of new social and economic ventures could help developing countries like Nigeria out of poverty.

As you would expect, during the interactive session a student raised a ‘point ‘about having enterprising ideas but not been able to actualize it because of funds constrains.

The professor advised a proper feasibility study to be made in order to be sure such ventures are truly enterprising. He said a lot of individuals and organizations are readily available to fund profitable ventures, if only a ‘strong’ feasibility study would suggest that such ventures are truly profitable.

If this thinking is a way forward, to fund profitable ventures, then it will be a smart idea for southern –developing –nations to invest in institutions and ideas that will enhance credible feasibility reports. Just like the American style.

In the United States College students in final year usually enjoy supports from a number of organizations in writing their business plans and reports.

It is unfortunate that what most students in Nigeria-the smartest ones in most cases- do is to preoccupy themselves with learning how to write good CVs for jobs that do not exist.

The students who attended the seminar, I believe would have benefited from the sessions facilitated by the other facilitators – Award wining Talent and Business Development guru, Adeolu Akinyemi and Ambassador Gbenga Sesan.


@biola.com said...

i quite agree with you, you should see "education versus skill" on my blog

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.