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Friday, December 22, 2006

Shit Business is a serious Business!

Earlier in the week I made a call at an interesting place-the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway office of DMT Mobile Toilets Limited -on behave of a not for profit organisation that I happen to be on her board. The mission was to make an enquiry about the prospect of working with them to execute one of our programmes scheduled to kick-off in two Nigerian states next year (God willing).

It was not until then I better appreciated the business and social entrepreneurial acumen of Nigeria’s beloveth Isaac Durojaiye a.k.a OTUNBA GADAFFI, the man who has made a difference in the improvement of public health and social transformation by providing job opportunities and better sanitation through his mobile toilets enterprise.

Sometimes, some things we neglect, perhaps despise could be potentially rewarding ventures. That reminds me; a few hours ago I listened to one of my favourite tapes, a lecture delivered by a respected People and Organisations development guru. He jokingly said, sometimes the right things are directly the opposite of what the crowds do.

I think I can better infer some sense from that statement looking at the success story of DMT Mobile Toilets, where Shit business is truly a serious business.

The Fast moving multi-million Naira ‘agbe po’, shit carrier Venture of OTUNBA GADAFFI is not only creating a ‘modest’ source of sustenance for the Otunba alone, but scores of his direct and indirect employees, including an eloquent customer service representative who professionally attended to my inquiry as I overheard the Otunba talk with his banker who brought a charismas card for him. Not surprising, the Otunba exchange the gesture by giving the banker two DMT charismas cards, one personal and the other for the staff of his branch.

Shit as you drive! Even on the Third Mainland.

High-level hygiene and sanitation!

DMT has a not for profit arm that is committed to giving free toilets to schools and unemployed women in order to promote better hygiene, health and empowering women in the society.

Otunba Gadaffi has won a good number of laurels from reputable organisations at home and abroad to commend what a lot of people see as his extra-ordinary entrepreneurial acumen and contributions to the society

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