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Thursday, February 22, 2007

A reflection on the last post.

Did i say i summary of the interview?

Oh! certainly not exactly that but some important things about his personality.

I think even his critics would agree that we have got a great deal of things to learn from him on the road to development.

I mean at the level of individual behaviour

Well, some would argue that sustainable global development would not be achieved via the Rockefeller style of philanthropic donations to the poor .

Nonetheless, let us not rule out the possibility that a good junk of the donation might be used by the Charity to create enabling institutions and infrastructures for the betterment of the poor.Even as some would argue that we can not separate hand-outs to the poor from their emancipation.

Well, the following could be practically learnt from his life:

>1) Never procrastinate, take action,be enterprising!

>2) No investment is too small.

>3) Be green! Do not waste the world's precious natural resources on things you can really do without.

Just as he can do without chartered flights, you can do without unnecessary indulgence that destroy our bio diversity, emit green house gasses...

Let use preserve our bio diversity!!!.

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