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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Baba Mugabe at 83

Do you Know that ?

President Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since the country gained independence from Britain in 1980.

He had a big birthday bash last weekend.

The celebrations were held in the central town of Gweru and cost thousands of dollars.

There was a campaign to raise funds for the birthday celebrations by a youth organisation called the 21 February Movement, which was founded in 1986 in honour of Papa Mugabe.

"We are looking to raise 300m Zimbabwe dollars ($1.2m at the official exchange rate; $65,200 at the unofficial rate) that will be used at the birthday celebrations in Gweru," Emmanuel Fundira, chairman of the movement, told the AFP news agency.

Zimbabweans were asked to contribute funds towards a big birthday party for President Robert Mugabe,

According to the government, one US dollar is worth $Z250, but on the street, the US dollar can be sold for Z$4,600.

Education and health care have also become scarce commodities with many unable to send their children to school or get proper medical treatment.

Zimbabweans often enjoy frequent strike of the health and other government workers overs unpaid and low wages

Cycling and walking long distance to work daily is a common fun in that country

Amid all these the darling coordinator of the birthday bash sees nothing wrong in it, because it brings young people close to their leader ,he thinks.

Comrade Fidel Castro was Baba's comrade at arm in those guerrilla days of the 1970s.

Papa continues to blame the opposition and foreign governments for the enjoyment in his country and not his excellent economic policies and his well deserved extravaganzas .


Candiru Ghost said...

thank you.
thats a nice blog you have, well done

Candiru Ghost said...

thank you
yes they were all done by me

Linda van der Wildt said...

the European Zoos are all great, the Berlin Zoo is still the best with me, but there are sooo many good ones! This was not really a Zoo, I guess... All the animals were sponsons by people in the neighbourhood and therefore it looked very good in all. the animals were not very rare, there are cows, and sheep too, but you can even touch the most of them, I love that! even cows and sheep :)

Love, Linda

Layi said...

You sem to so much believe in the MDG's I pray it will be fulfiled in our days

Michael said...

love your blog man, but i have to say that Zimbawe dictator must go, he is a disgrace to all africa.