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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ghana AT 50

Exactly fifty years ago the 'wind of change', as they call it, started blowing from an area some where on the western coast of Africa , and a man called Kwame Nkrumah led his nation to independence .

The leadership of Nkrumah was 'short-lived' as he was over-thrown by a military coup in 1966 while away on a peace visit overseas.

Well, it was alleged he was corrupt and despotic haven changed Ghana to a one party state.
The coup ushered Ghana into a phase of military rule.Subsequent military governments accused her predecessors of corruption and economic mismanagement.

The prevailing climate of political instability prepared the stage for the military junta, Jerry Rawlings who later transformed himself to a democratically elected ruler and eventually exited the presidency in 2001.

Ghana has a population of 21.8 million (UN, 2005)

The multi ethnic Ghanaian state occupies 238,533 sq km (92,098 sq miles) and has 56 years (men), 57 years (women) life expectancy (UN).

Ghana is one of the very few African countries exempted from Civil wars, that does not mean she did not have her a fair share of violent socio political unrest anyway.Ghana is a model of economic and 'Renaissance' political stability for the sub region with a GNI per capita: US $450 (World Bank, 2006) .

This birthday bash is estimated to have cost Ghana $20m (£10.4m; 15.2m euros).

Critics of this bash have questioned the moral wisdom behind a birthday celebration this expensive considering the high poverty and unemployment rate in the country.

But a school of thought has provided a defence, saying the celebration and expenses were worthwhile because they encourage a"Sense of unity" among the good people of Ghana and create an opportunity for the Ghanaian state to "Take stock" of here existence and make necessary improvements for the future.

Happy Celebration!
Long live Ghana!!
Long Live Africa!!!


Stephen Bess said...

This was great! Ghana has an interesting history that is linked to individuals who were involved in the struggle here in America. Thanks for stopping over. I'll be back to visit.

Stephen Bess said...
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